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Fixed rate per hour
Clarity about the prices is of great importance to us. Also, every dispute or case is different with regard to the circumstances and therefore the time needed for the case in question. For these reasons, we apply a fixed fee for our lawyers for an affordable rate of  € 105 per hour (excluding VAT)  and office costs. At the end of the case, a final settlement takes place. In most cases, you pay an advance at the beginning that is settled with the final statement.

Fixed fee
Often it is possible to make a fixed price agreement when the case lends itself to this and it is reasonable to estimate how many hours will be involved. You then pay a fixed amount for the entire case. That way you know where you stand and you have certainty about the costs. At the beginning of the case you pay the first half of the  fixed  fee. When the case is completed, you pay the remainder of the fixed fee. Feel free to contact us if you want more information about our rates or if you have another question.

Insured for legal assistance
If you are insured for legal assistance, you are entitled under the law to a free choice of a lawyer or lawyer, even if he does not work for the insurer. This means that you can call on us while your legal expenses insurer pays the invoice. So you do not pay anything to us, but you can use our expertise. We can help you apply for treatment with your insurance company.

The role of AGA Lawyers
A lawyer of AGA Lawyers offers assistance in most cases within the law. In the event of a conflict, an expert lawyer is at your side. Together with you, the lawyer determines the right approach and ensures the best possible solution and result. Advising, mediating, litigating, negotiating or drafting legal documents, AGA lawyers arrange it for you.

Contact AGA Lawyers
The lawyers of AGA Lawyers can do a lot for you, such as guiding you during the entire process. Feel free to contact one of our expert lawyers for a 1st free intake interview.

TELEPHONE: 040-8444523 (1st intake interview free of charge and without obligation) (Available Mon to Fri between 09.00h and 21.00h). We can also be reached by e-mail:
 info@agajuristen.nl or contact form on the right side of our website.

More information
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