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    Reliable legal advice € 85,- per hour (excluding VAT)
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    1st intake interview free of charge and without obligation. Call 040-8444523
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Settlement agreement
If an employer or employee is of the opinion that a further continuation of the employment relationship is not desirable, an end of the employment relationship can be agreed with a settlement agreement, also known as a termination agreement. If you agree to a settlement agreement, you as an employee have various rights, at the moment that this is properly written down. You can lose your right to unemployment benefit if the settlement agreement is not drawn up correctly. In addition, in some cases you are entitled to a transition payment.

It is important to know that a settlement agreement entails a negotiating position. This means that the moment you receive a settlement agreement from the employer, they will make you a proposal. The proposal is often negotiable so that going to court often entails a longer and more expensive procedure. An employer prefers a quick and correct termination.

It is always wise to have a settlement agreement checked by a lawyer for various matters, such as a correctly used notice period, a possible transition payment and the safeguarding of your UNEMPLOYMENT benefit.

The role of AGA Lawyers
A lawyer of AGA Lawyers offers assistance in most cases within contract law. In the event of a conflict concerning contract law, an expert lawyer is at your side. Together with you, the lawyer determines the right approach and ensures the best possible solution and result. Advising, mediating, litigating, negotiating or drafting legal documents, AGA lawyers arrange it for you.

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