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    Everyone can claim their rights and get justice. AGA Lawyers helps you to get justice.
    The team of AGA Juristen includes only expert experienced lawyers Reliable legal advice € 85,- per hour (excluding VAT) 1st intake interview free of charge and without obligation.
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    1st intake interview free of charge and without obligation. Call 040-8444523
    Our expert lawyers will help you solve your issue professionally. Often without legal proceedings, but we also litigate when there is no other way.
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    AGA Lawyers wants every person to get their rights. Also those who need an affordable lawyer. Affordable legal advice € 85,- per hour (excluding VAT)
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    Reliable legal advice € 85,- per hour (excluding VAT)
    You are entitled to good legal advice. In court proceedings, you are entitled to decisive legal assistance from a professional experienced lawyer.
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    1st intake interview free of charge and without obligation. Call 040-8444523
    At AGA Lawyers you have a much greater chance that the result, outweighs the costs you incur.
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    AGA Lawyers specialized in:
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    Contract Law
    Corporate Law

Corporate law
Corporate law deals with legal entities. A company has to deal with this area of law on a daily basis. After all, you conclude agreements, issue shares, make a profit or loss and appoint a management board. In corporate law, a dichotomy is made between:

1) Internal relations: you can think of matters that play a role within the company (staff, shareholders, etc.

2) External relations. You can think of acquisitions, collection, agreements, liability, customers, government, general terms and conditions, etc.

Company law
Company law is all about the operation of companies. The bv and the nv are the best-known companies. Shares, directors and the supervisory board are figures that you will encounter in this jurisdiction. Shareholder conflicts or mismanagement are also concepts that fall under company law.

Entering into agreements
A legal entity can enter into agreements. This works differently than with natural persons. A legal entity itself cannot enter into an agreement. The legal person must be represented. Usually by the board (the management). Agreements can also be entered into by the company in formation (bv or nv i.o.) in the incorporation phase. These must be ratified after incorporation. A company often concludes purchase agreements or rental agreements with customers or suppliers or an employment contract with its staff. It is wise to involve a lawyer in drawing up or verifying an agreement. For all agreements you can contact AGA Lawyers.

Drawing up general terms and conditions
If you as an entrepreneur provide goods / services, it is wise to record everything about the (re)sale and delivery in general terms and conditions. General terms and conditions are provisions in which you record everything about an agreement. This can be, for example, about the warranty, liability, cooling-off periods, the method of payment, or how your customers can dossier a complaint. But also about intellectual property and what to do in case of disputes.

Directors' liability
In some cases, a director can be held liable for debts incurred by the company. Directors have power and responsibility. If a director makes wrong decisions, commits fraud, or does not comply with legal administrative requirements, he can be held personally liable. This can be done both outside and in bankruptcy.

For each case, we look at the most effective way to collect your claim. We try to get personal contact with your counterparty in order to come to a constructive solution. This often leads to a payment and resolution of the conflict.

We advise and guide in the following areas, among others:

  • setting up legal entities and partnerships
  • amending and drafting articles of association
  • setting up and/or restructuring organizations
  • legal mergers and divisions, acquisitions and sale of (parts of) companies
  • financing and restructuring
  • insolvency law, debtor management, debt collection
  • Competition
  • (international) contracts and general terms and conditions
  • legal proceedings
  • etc.

The role of AGA Lawyers
A lawyer of AGA Lawyers offers assistance in most cases within corporate law. In the event of a conflict regarding corporate law, an expert lawyer is at your side. Together with you, the lawyer determines the right approach and ensures the best possible solution and result. Advising, mediating, litigating, negotiating or drafting legal documents, AGA lawyers arrange it for you.

Contact AGA Lawyers
The corporate lawyers of AGA Lawyers can do a lot for you, such as guiding you throughout the entire process. Feel free to contact one of our expert corporate lawyers for a 1st free intake interview.

TELEPHONE: 040-8444523  (1st intake interview free of charge and without obligation) (Available Mon to Fri between 09.00h and 21.00h). We can also be reached by e-mail:
 info@agajuristen.nl or contact form on the right side of our website.

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